Chicago Healthy Adolescents and Teens (CHAT), is a partnership between the Chicago Department of Public Health and Chicago Public Schools to bring sexual-health services to youth throughout Chicago. These services include on-site health education and no-cost STI screening in high schools, colleges, and community-based organizations, and an online resource.

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Oral Health Program

According to the CDC, tooth decay is the most prevalent and preventable chronic disease of children in the United States, and lower-income and minority children experience higher-than-average rates. Chicago Department of Public Health, in partnership with Chicago Public Schools, works with local oral-health providers to bring services, including screenings and dental exams, to students in schools throughout Chicago.

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CDPH Vision Program

CDPH partners with Chicago Public Schools to provide vision exams and eyeglasses to all students, because many students do not have access to eye care. Vision providers perform on-site comprehensive eye exams for students and provide glasses, as needed.  This program serves all CPS students at all elementary and high schools, including charter schools and alternative schools.

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City of Chicago Lead Program

Lead exposure in the home can lead to developmental and other health issues in children. There are resources available that can help make your home safer for you and your children.

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CDPH Mental-Health Specialty Clinics

To help meet the mental health needs of our insured city residents, CDPH partners with community mental health providers and makes direct investments in community partners who provide mental health services to city residents.  For those city residents without insurance, the Department provides clinical mental health services in 6 CDPH-operated clinics throughout the City of Chicago. A variety of services are available at CDPH mental health clinics.

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Nursing & Support Services

The Chicago Department of Public Health offers Nursing and Support Services for families. Registered nurses and licensed social workers can provide in office or in-home support through the first two years of a child’s life. Call 312-745-BABY for more information.

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Early Learning

Starting your child’s learning early gives them the best possible chances for a bright, successful future. Jumpstart your child’s education with Chicago Early Learning.

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Chicago Public Libraries

Preschool & Early Education

CDPH STI Specialty Clinics

The Chicago Department of Public Health provides free testing and treatment for sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) at the Specialty Clinics.

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The Chicago Department of Public Health has five immunization clinics throughout the city. There are also numerous special events and a mobile unit. These provide vaccines at no charge to children 0–18 and flu shots for adults.

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The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), connects families with nutritious food and helps them create a healthy diet. WIC is for pregnant women or families who have children under 5 years of age.

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Family Services and Other Support
Child Care, Safety, Items & Clothing, Emergency Child Care, Lead, LGBTQ+, and more...

Community Services
Shelters & Housing Assistance, Legal Service & Renter's Rights, Transportation, and more...

Health Services
Pregnancy Testing, Prenatal Care, Birth Control, Sexually Transmitted Infections and more...

Social Services
Crisis Intervention, Food Assistance, Sexual Assault Help, Smoking/Tobacco Cessation, and more...