Insurance & Healthcare

Healthcare access is a right everyone deserves, and it shouldn’t depend on a person’s ZIP code. All Chicago residents should enjoy equitable access to resources, opportunities, and environments that maximize their health and well-being.

Health Insurance/Coverage

Everyone in Illinois is eligible for healthcare coverage. Having healthcare coverage means that you can get medical care when you need it and have a healthcare provider take care of you to address your medical needs and take care of your health.

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Health Care/Medical Home

It’s important to have a regular healthcare provider and place that you can go to before and when you are sick, also known as having a “medical home.” Having a place for regular care means that health conditions can be detected early or even prevented.

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Family Services and Other Support
Child Care, Safety, Items & Clothing, Emergency Child Care, Lead, LGBTQ+, and more...

Community Services
Shelters & Housing Assistance, Legal Service & Renter's Rights, Transportation, and more...

Health Services
Pregnancy Testing, Prenatal Care, Birth Control, Sexually Transmitted Infections and more...

Social Services
Crisis Intervention, Food Assistance, Sexual Assault Help, Smoking/Tobacco Cessation, and more...