Family Planning

Using family planning/ birth control is the best way to plan if/when you want to be pregnant. Today, long acting reversible contraception ( LARCs) are safe and super easy to use. Talk to your provider about this very effective option that has minimal side effects. The great thing is that all types of insurance (Medicaid and Commercial) should have coverage for all FDA approved birth control and without a co-pay. Planning your pregnancy is the best way to have a healthy baby.

Information about birth control for patients:

  1. Birth Control: Medicines to Help You
  2. Long Acting Reversible Contraception, Intrauterine Devices and the Implant
  3. Pill, Patch and Ring
  4. Emergency Contraception
  5. Where can I find a nearby clinic
  6. Common Questions and Answers about Birth Control- Know the Facts

Information about birth control for providers:

  1. Adopting a Reproductive Life Plan for your Office: Help patients think about when/if they want to parent. Integrate these questions into your annual exam. Feel free to steal our tool, steal shamelessly, share generously.
    English: Life Planning PDF Information
    Español: PDF Información​
  2. On line resources for providers wanting training about LARCs, provider materials, and implementing changes in your office to be more family planning friendly
  3. Are you a Medicaid Provider and want to provide quality family planning? See the latest updates from Healthcare and Family Services regarding family planning payment and policy reform. Increase access to family planning services for women and men in the Medicaid Program by providing comprehensive and continuous coverage to ensure that every pregnancy is a planned pregnancy.

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